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Yuri beats the odds

In my role as Strategic Planner, I learn statistics. More than I want to, to be honest, and often they’re troubling. Sometimes they’re troubling because two ostensibly authoritative sources have wildly different results, and so I have no idea which to believe. Other times I believe the numbers but I don’t like what they mean, […]

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7 years, minus the itch

This week marked my 7-year anniversary with Common Hope. That’s the longest I’ve spent with one organization, though truth be told, it wasn’t my intention when I arrived. I thought this would be a stepping stone toward something else, part of a grand career plan I had worked out in grad school. Things don’t always […]

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Missing things, part 2

I ended a recent post asking myself: What else was I missing? A couple things occurred to me right away, like I hadn’t mentioned any of the people I miss. But that wasn’t really what I was asking myself. I meant: What else was I overlooking? Two stories came to mind pretty quickly. The first […]

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Missing things

The upside of having a meeting in the capital, as I did today, is you get to spend three hours driving through Guatemala City traffic. If you’ve ever had the opportunity, you know it’s a multi-faceted experience. Not only do you get from point A to point B, you also get to exercise parts of […]

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Two mothers

The school year is starting in Guatemala, so a couple of weeks ago we began handing out bags of school supplies for all the affiliated kids. It’s quite a logistical challenge: some 2700 kids need to show up on the first day of school with all their supplies. For most families this is a real […]

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