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Holy Week

The office here has the feel of the day before Christmas back home. Probably half the staff is on vacation, and few families come in. In Guatemala, and Antigua especially, Semana Santa, or Holy Week, is at least on par with Christmas as a special time. All of Lent is celebrated, but from Wednesday through […]

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Something To Count On

Tuesday night I had a plan. Not big plans, a little plan. A friend had lent me the 5th season of West Wing on DVD, and since I had hit the gym on my way to work that morning, I would get home early enough to make a nice dinner and watch an episode or […]

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Carrying Ladders

This morning I saw a man riding a bicycle, which wouldn’t really merit mention, except that he was also carrying what looked like an 8-foot aluminum ladder on his shoulder as he rode. Given the time of day, I’m guessing he was on his way to work. Part of me wanted to follow him to […]

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