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Model Families

There’s a fictional town in Minnesota where all the kids are said to be above average. Which is impossible, of course, and therein lays the joke. By definition, half the kids of any population are above average, and half are below. Still, I don’t know many people who think of their kids — or themselves […]

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Living planet, part 2

I’ve been working on a different posting, but in the meantime, the living planet reminded us that the previous posting isn’t finished yet. Last night was the biggest earthquake I’ve ever felt, registering 6.1 on the Richter scale, according to the US Geological Survey. Below are details from their website. Twelve days ago the quake […]

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Living planet

  This morning as I was making coffee the world shifted under my feet. Sometimes a bus passing nearby gives off enough vibration that you can feel it, but this was different. Side to side. If you’ve never felt an earthquake before, there’s a funny thing that happens in which, as soon as it stops, […]

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