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Bulgaria & Chad in Guatemala

An article in a recent edition of Prensa Libre, one of Guatemala’s main newspapers, gives some striking data on the level of inequality in Guatemala.  That’s not, in itself, news.  Many reports over the years have characterized Guatemala as among the most unequal nations in Latin America, and Latin America among the most unequal regions […]

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A Sunday like any other

Sunday mornings are a time for rituals, and I have mine. I go to the same restaurant and order the same meal. Huevos rancheros and a pineapple & papaya smoothie at Doña Luisa’s. I even sit at the same table most days, in the courtyard next to a large izote plant. There’s a couple of […]

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Models, Change, & Self-Made Men

In April I wrote about “Model Families.” I used the term half-ironically to make the point that while some families are truly inspirational, our work isn’t about cherry-picking the promising cases. It’s about providing hope and opportunity to those in need, and often those in need aren’t the stuff of squeaky-clean success stories. I also […]

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