World Bank renews endorsement of programs like Common Hope

The World Bank announced Friday a renewed support for programs in Latin America “with different names but based on the same principle: to provide financial help and basic services to poor families on the condition that their children attend school” — the key premise of Common Hope.  The announcement cites a sizeable rise in school attendance and decrease in drop-out rates for students involved in these programs.  The World Bank warns that despite the clear results, these programs “must be sustained, and expanded further,” citing World Bank estimates that more than four million people could fall below the poverty line because of the recent financial crisis.  To read the full announcement, click here.

Since opening our satellite in the community of San Rafael in 2007, Common Hope has observed a considerable increase in interest and attendance at the school.  Moreover, an independent study in 2005 by the University of Wisconsin-Madison found that Common Hope students were twice as likely as their peers to graduate from high school.

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