Computer lab kicks off computer classes

<p> Elmer instructs students in the computer lab.</p>

Elmer instructs students in the computer lab.

This Monday the CDI (computer lab) in Antigua kicked off computer classes for affiliates.  Up until now, the lab has been simply an open resource — kids come in for homework and research as needed.  Now in addition to this, kids can take structured classes in computer skills, run by staff from many departments who have been trained as Super Users.

Maribel, director of the Education Program, says “La asistencia de jóvenes para utilizar este recurso es muy buena.  Francisco está muy contento en su nuevo puesto y muy motivado.  Es muy alegre ver como los alumnos esperan puntualmente la hora de entrada para sus cursos de computación.”

In English:  “Attendance by youth utilizing this resource is very good.  Francisco is very happy in his new position [at the computer lab] and very motivated.  He is very happy to see students are waiting punctually, right on the hour, for their computer classes to begin.

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2 Responses to Computer lab kicks off computer classes

  1. Tim Weldon June 5, 2009 at 3:47 pm #

    Love to see this. It makes it very real for me to actually see kids sitting at the systems. Even better to hear they are lined up on time for the class. Exciting!! Hope we can expand it some more this year.


  2. Kate June 11, 2009 at 3:54 pm #

    Glad to hear it, Tim. Thanks again for the computer donation!


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