A surprise from the Best Buy Vision Team

The whole group after the game.

The Best Buy Vision Team and affiliated students after the game, with their Marco Pappa jerseys.

The Best Buy Vision Team had a special treat for students at the end of their trip. They played a rousing game of soccer with the students, but that wasn’t the half of it.  The team unveiled a big surprise before the game: a video appearance by Marco Pappa, a native Guatemalan now playing major league soccer for the Chicago Fire, which Best Buy sponsors.

In the video, Marco encouraged the kids to stay in school, telling them that this is how they will be successful.  The Best Buy team also presented a jersey that Pappa had signed, on which he wrote, “I encourage you all to love our Beautiful Guatemala.”  The jersey went to a student named Reyna, who won the game for her team by scoring several key penalty shots at the end.

Affiliated university student, Carlos Robles, came and taped the event, so the Best Buy team will be able to give a DVD to Marco, along with a thank you card from the kids and an invitation to come visit.  The kids were very touched by the event.  They wrote beautiful things on the cards … That they can’t believe he would actually send them a message.  How proud they are of Guatemala because of people like him.  And that they know they can make it because Marco did.

Thank you to Best Buy and Marco Pappa for this memorable event, and for your support for students in Guatemala!  You can check out more photos in our Flickr feed to the right.

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