Trying to See

<p>The view from a taxi on the way to Lake Atitlán.</p>

The view from a taxi on the way to Lake Atitlán.

Teachers from the Hubbard Woods School in Winnetka, IL are visiting our sites in Guatemala, as we begin a partnership with their school.  They are blogging during their visit — this photo and the reflections below are just a few highlights.

“I took [this photo] from the front seat of the taxi Cesar was driving as we came into one of the little villages on the way to Lake Atitlán.  It had just begun to drizzle and I was feeling much like that photo looks — disoriented.  To me, the photo is symbolic of the difficulty we have trying to see when we have lenses of our own culture.  I hope that I have been able to peel away some of those lens layers.”  –TB

“This experience makes me realize just how large our world is and how important it is to connect with people and cultures in many different places.  It also allows me to view people and cultures from, hopefully, a broader perspective.  It also strengthens my convictions about the importance of raising our next generation to be citizens of this world.”  –Shawn

To see many more beautiful photos, and to read more about their experience, visit their blog.

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