Critical moments in a student’s education

We have just finished up our Donor Impact Report for 2008, and it will be arriving in mailboxes very soon.  The report details all of the ways your support made a difference last year — and touches on the ways you continue to make a difference in the present.  For many of us, one of the most energizing pieces of news is the strong  promotion* rates for Common Hope students, especially when compared to students nationwide.

Common Hope first graders advanced to the next grade at a rate 18 percent higher than the national average.  Common Hope seventh graders bested the national average by 50 percent.  These two age groups are especially noteworthy because first and seventh grades are critical years for students in Guatemala, when, for a variety of reasons, kids are at a very high risk of failing or dropping out of school altogether.

The support services that you make possible are making a difference, helping students to be more successful in school, to persevere.  You can read more about the techniques we’re using here.  But sometimes the best way to illustrate is through a story.  In the next several days, we will highlight several journeys of students and/or families that faced a threat to success in school.

Veronica Aguilar’s story is a poignant example.  A few years ago, Veronica had found a precarious balance of school, homework, friends, and coping with her parents’ divorce.  But several months before her 18th birthday, she received news that would forever change her life: she was pregnant.  More…

* Promotion is the Guatemalan Ministry of Education’s term for advancing to the next grade.

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