When a flood carries school supplies away

Second in a series of stories about how Common Hope responds to critical threats to a student’s educational journey.

This June, twelve-year-old Hector Turuy, a Common Hope affiliate, found his home filling with flood water and hurried to carry his younger brothers and sisters to safety.  Hector and his mother, Felisa, didn’t have time to remove all of the family’s belongings before the house was covered in water. They lost food, clothing, shoes, and even three piglets that the family had planned to sell for about $30 each. This was a great loss, considering the family’s combined household income is less than $100 a month.

Normally a dedicated student, Hector wasn’t at school the following week. His mother explained to Rocio, satellite coordinator, that Hector was ashamed to go back to school because all of his school supplies had been ruined in the flood.  More…

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