Goldilocks and the Three Bears

by Kate Lucas

<p>The kids huddle to plan their re-enactment of "Goldilocks and the Three Bears."</p>

The kids huddle to plan their re-enactment of "Goldilocks and the Three Bears."

Yesterday I had the opportunity to sit in on the “Lucitas en el Camino” (Lights on the Path) group.  The group provides children with difficult home environments a place for play and self-expression.

Patty, the facilitator, read several stories, Goldilocks and the Three Bears and another story I had never heard about seven little goats and a wolf.  Then, the kids split up into two groups, each taking one of the books to plan a little skit to re-enact the story.

It was great to see the kids absorbed by the story, and later pulling fabric and hats out of the dress-up box to create their costumes and sets.  They were obviously a bit bashful about being up in front of the “audience” of their peers, but they gained confidence as the skit developed.

When Goldilocks was asleep and the bears returned home to eat their porridge, I was pulled onstage by Mama Bear to play the part of Papa.  I obliged, and surely showed my own share of bashfulness as I said my lines, “Alguien ya estado comiendo mi sopa,” or “Someone’s been eating my soup!”  Thankfully, no photos were taken of my Guatemalan acting debut.  The kids were braver than me on that point.  For a few more photos, click here.

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