Tired, cold from the rain, but laughing and dancing

On behalf of Common Hope’s National Team, Sandra Ortiz, Antigua Programs Director, wrote a thank-you to Common Hope’s Antigua staff for their efforts during yesterday’s Basket Day. The day, when affiliated families came to receive a Christmas gift of foodstuffs and a few household items, was conducted amidst a cold and unseasonal rainstorm. Despite this, enthusiasm remained high. Sandra’s words are a fitting thank-you not only for Common Hope’s dedicated staff but also for all of you, our loyal supporters who made this happy eventand so many otherspossible. Many thanks, and Happy Holidays!

Message from Sandra Ortiz, Antigua Program Director, and the National Team

I want to thank very much the people who made Basket Day possible. I saw many very excited people working hard to finalize the details of the day. To see the enthusiasm put toward quality activities for the affiliated families makes me happy, because I know there are many people working for Common Hope with faith in the families we partner with.

We only performed three of six theatrical skits for the families (the rain diminished the urge to stay and watch and after awhile made it impossible to perform), but the enthusiasm of everyone remained strong until we finished at 5:00 p.m. Some staff had to cover for those with the flu or colds, but those here contributed with passion and great dedication.

There were hugs at the end of the day, with coffee and hot chocolate just at the right time! In the end I saw tired and wet feet, people very cold from the rain, but laughing and dancing or learning to dance. And early this morning, the Antigua site was already, as always, super clean! Thanks to those who make that possible!

Happy Holidays and New Year—may 2010 be filled with the blessings, health and contentment that money cannot buy!

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