“If I can achieve my goal, I must.”

Manuel graduated from high school in November 2009 and is now an accountant during the day.  In addition to his career accomplishments, Manuel is already giving back — he volunteers in the evenings with functionally illiterate adults to teach them how to read. This video was shot last October during a Sponsor visit, during which the conversation was translated into both English and Spanish.  Click here to view the conversation with Manuel.

Highlights of Manuel’s words are below…

“There was a moment in my life when I realized that if I can achieve my goal, I must do so. There was a teacher who worked for Common Hope who always supported me. He was an example of perseverance, and I would also like to lead by example like him.  I hope that my siblings can have opportunities that I never had, and I am very hopeful for them — that they will lead their lives well and achieve what I have achieved, and more.”

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