One last visit with a family that is graduating

Teresa meets with Blanca and family at the Antigua site.

Teresa meets with Blanca and family at the Antigua site.

by Teresa Hermodson-Olsen

Teresa shared a story from her recent Vision Team trip that captures one of the ultimate outcomes of Common Hope’s work in Guatemala — a family becoming stable and self-sufficient enough to graduate from our program and support themselves completely.

On Thursday I had my sponsorship visit with Blanca and her family.  My family has been connected with Blanca’s family since I started sponsoring Blanca’s older sister, Zoila, over 10 years ago.

Blanca graduated in November and is now working as a secretary in Guatemala City.  The family has become independent enough that they will be ending their relationship with Common Hope.  So, this was my last visit with Blanca and her family.

It was wonderful to see them all, and I’m so happy with where they are going.  All of the younger children are in school, and the older sisters who have graduated (including Blanca) say that they are taking responsibility to make sure their younger siblings stay in school. Some of the money Blanca makes with her job is going to support their education.

Also, Blanca says for her future she wants to continue working and try to move up in positions at her job.  She says she does not want to get married right away but wants to wait for some time.  This is a wonderful thing to hear, since this is not common for young women to do, and this is best for Blanca and her family.


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