Target-Guatemala visits Antigua preschool

Staff from Target Sourcing Services in Guatemala City visited the Antigua preschool last Thursday to put on a day of fun with the children.

The group brought two piñatas, snacks, and backpacks for all the kids.  The kids were very excited about the piñatas, so they played with them first. Then the kids enjoyed their snacks and received their new backpacks.

Renato Westby, Program Development Director and former New Hope Director, spoke about New Hope School and its preschool program — which has received two grants from Target International. Then, the group got a tour of the Antigua site.

All involved had a wonderful time.  Thank you, Target-Guatemala! Special thanks to Verena Veliz and Pedro Lopez at Target for helping us arrange the visit. We hope that one day soon we will have a chance to show the Target-Guatemala staff New Hope School, too. For more photos of the fun, click here.

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