Interview with a family in their new home

In June 2009, a Vision Team from Buffalo United Church in Minnesota built a home for Doña Sandra Veronica and her family. The time, energy and dedication of the team left a lasting impression both in the structure of the home as well as for each member of the family. Below is a summarized translation of the interview with the family of Doña Sandra Veronica.

Today we are visiting the home of Doña Sandra Veronica, who is here with her four children. Could you tell us how long have you been in the house?

We have had this house for about three months.

What has changed since you’ve moved in?

Now that we have more space, we have rearranged our rooms in our home. The two boys share the new bedroom – it’s a room for men!

Could we take a look?

Sure. This is our bedroom, with a dining table to eat meals. One brother sleeps under the window, and the other has the bed in the corner.

Do you remember the group who helped build the house?

Yes. It was a big group! They spent an entire week working on our house. They gave us a framed picture of the group, and we keep it in our home so we can remember them and what they did for us.

Would you like to say anything to the group?

We would like to thank them very much for building our house. We really appreciate your help.

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