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Six-year-old Rhyna is better prepared for first grade thanks to the intensive support of her kindergarten teacher at New Hope School.

The last two weeks, we featured older students who faced threats to their education and received the support they needed to stay in school. This week, we will feature several younger students — just starting their schooling, and facing their own barriers to success.

As a kindergartner in 2009, Rhyna had a very difficult time starting the process of learning to read and write. Her teacher noted that she was insecure and afraid to read.

Rhyna’s teacher helped her along by motivating her and giving her extra support, and her classmates were understanding of her difficulties. Finally she began to catch on, learning the letters of the alphabet and how to pronounce vowels.

This year, six-year-old Rhyna will start first grade, where the reading and writing exercises will intensify. Teachers plan to keep a close eye on her to make sure she progresses with her peers.

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