When school seems like a strange and overwhelming Place

For a couple of weeks, we featured older students who faced threats to their education and received the support they needed to stay in school. Here is a third profile in a series featuring students who are just starting their school career and facing their own barriers to success.

Twin sisters María Ángeles and María Emilia started at New Hope School last year in the 4-year-old classroom. At the beginning of the year, teachers immediately noticed the lack of stimulation in the girls. They didn’t participate in class, slumped in their chairs, and were very dependent on each other. For about three months, they struggled to adapt to the school environment.

Eventually, teachers were able to integrate the girls into classroom activities. Teachers motivated them on a daily basis, respected their personalities, and encouraged them to participate with their peers. The girls started to gain more self-confidence and began to partake in classroom activities more regularly.

This is one of the key goals of our preschool program — to familiarize young students with the school environment so they can hit the ground running when they start first grade.

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