New soccer gear for San Rafael students

New soccer uniforms for San Rafael students

Students from San Rafael model their new soccer uniforms, donated by an organization called Peace Passers.

Students from San Rafael, our satellite site, were very excited to receive soccer gear several weeks ago from an organization called PeacePassers. The donations were carried to Guatemala by a Vision Team led by Zach and Sally Thomas, former long-term volunteers at Common Hope.

Soccer is a popular pastime in Guatemala, however many children lack appropriate footwear for the game. Now that the San Rafael students have suitable shoes and gear, the school is already planning scrimmages with neighboring communities. With these donations, San Rafael students will surely enjoy their favorite sport even more!

You can see more pictures of the students with their uniforms here. Read more about PeacePassers here.

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  1. CAROLE JONES May 20, 2010 at 10:37 pm #

    So happy to read news of Sally and Zack.
    We DO love Common Hope!

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