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Finding joy in Guatemala

by Debra Des Vignes, Common Hope Partner and recent volunteer in Guatemala Tucked away in a cubicle, stacked high with papers and looming deadlines, I glance at a 5×7 photo. It seems so long ago, distant. In the photo is a stack of plywood. I am inside a small, run down shack in Guatemala, me […]

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The case for choosing

by Lia Huber, Common Hope sponsor and founder of Nourish Network.

This weekend, I was flipping through the latest Food and Wine when something decidedly unappetizing caught my eye. “Be An Uncompromiser!” the ad’s headline shouted, and in the text below:

“Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds. The makers of Pepcid Complete understand the importance of never having to choose.”

Never having to choose? Hm. I see things a bit differently.

Whether we like or not, I believe our lives are an endless string of choices and that our fate is largely the ripple effect outcome of those choices. I’d even go so far as to say that our choices—whether what to make for dinner or which house to buy—are what define us, and I can point back to the precise moment that cemented my theory.

Ten years ago, on our way home from an extended road trip to Costa Rica, Christopher and I made a stop in Antigua, Guatemala. […]

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Meet Luis Alejandro, future carpenter

This week we will continue featuring students from San Miguel, which is one of the communities where Common Hope works that was most affected by tropical storm Agatha. Check back throughout the week to meet the remaining this students. Luis Alejandro, 11, is the brother of Manuel Guadalupe, who was featured last week. If you […]

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