Teens at risk of dropping out learn about new support program

rock-paper-scissors game 3

Students make a team decision.

Parents and teens were invited last month to the Family Development Center to hear about the new youth program, Metamorphosis. The program is for youth who are at risk of dropping out, repeating, or failing grades at school. These students have been identified by their social workers and have been invited to participate in the program. Being the first day of the program, parents were invited as well so they could hear about the program and motivate their kids to participate.

Rock-paper-scissors game 1

Psychologist and youth program staff member Wendy Ortíz explains the game to students and parents.

All together about 50 students and 50 parents came. The parents and students were separated for the first part, and youth group staff talked to each group about the new program and why it was important to participate.  Then, the two groups came together to play a game.

rock-paper-scissors game 2

Moms have fun with it!

They played a sort of paper-rock-scissors game but in teams, parents versus students. The parents and kids had to decide as a team what they were going to be (i.e. rock, paper, or scissors), one of which would trump the other. Each choice had a pose associated with it. Everyone had a lot of fun with it, and it is great to have parents actively involved in such activities.

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