Many evenings studying by candlelight


Alba Raquel López Rodas

Working on reports to grantors provides the opportunity to come across many inspiring stories of students succeeding despite many challenges. Below, the story of Raquel, a high school senior.

Alba Raquel López Rodas and her parents live in a small, dirt-floor home constructed of old scrap metal. The family has no running water or electricity at home, so Raquel spends many evenings studying by candlelight. “Sometimes it will be 2am and she will be studying here by the candles,” says her mother.

In spite of her family’s extreme poverty, Raquel´s affiliation with Common Hope has allowed her to continue studying, and this year she will graduate from high school with a degree in business administration. Next year she hopes to study law at the university level. The family also has plans to improve their living conditions: they are currently working sweat-equity hours to receive a house from Common Hope.

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