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Rui and a child play hopskotch

Rui and a child play hopscotch.

Rui Motoyoshi, our new long-term volunteer speech therapist, led a fun activity with kids last week. It was a game of hopscotch, except in this version, each box contained a word with letters that are difficult to pronounce. (Some kids have trouble with the letter “s,” so she used words like silla and sopa). The kid rolled a rock to land in one of the hopscotch boxes, and the kid had to say whichever word was in the box where the rock landed. Once the child said the world correctly, he or she got to hopscotch all the way to the end. Says Caroline McGee, who snapped some pictures of the activity, “The kids were having a lot of fun with the activity, it was adorable! And a really fun way for them to learn.”


Another child takes a turn at hopscotch.

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