Family Day at New Hope

by Caroline McGee, Guatemala Communications Coordinator

dia de familia 1

Face painting at New Hope School's Day of the Family.

New Hope School held a Día de Familia, or Day of the Family, last week. Affiliated students and their parents participated in a variety of fun activities like Twister, foosball, and face-painting. The goal was for families to be able to spend a fun day together, but New Hope staff also wanted to encourage family values and motivate parents to get involved at the school.

“It was a party, so we could spend time together, eat and play games,” says Mynor Lemus, Director of Programs at New Hope, “but we wanted to promote values and the importance of family.” Mynor also notes that in the past, only the mothers were involved in their children’s academic lives, but more and more, fathers are getting involved, too. “They come as a family to pick up their children’s grade reports,” says Mynor, “so we wanted to acknowledge that and continue to promote the importance of family integration.”

For more pictures from the event, click here.

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