New friends, and a face full of corn flour

Last week, Common Hope hosted a meeting of sixth graders from two Antigua partner schools, San Miguel Escobar and Santa Catarina Bobadilla. Students came to our family development center to meet each other and participate in an activity rally. They had begun communicating with each other through letters, and Common Hope’s education promoters set up the exchange to recognize their hard work throughout the school year and to give them a chance to meet their pen pals.

“The idea was for the kids to be able to make friends in other communities,” says Paty Gomez, coordinator of school partnerships. And with a variety of ice-breaker type activities, a chocolate exchange, and a rhythmic dance performance by the San Miguel sixth graders, the students had plenty of fun while getting to know each other. “They were so enthusiastic!” says Paty. We can’t think of a better way to reward their hard work! (Photos of the event below.)

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