Busy weeks for the youth program

Step by Step gets group going

A guitarist from Step by Step gets the group going.

The Antigua youth program participants have had a busy past few weeks. Under the leadership of our new youth support coordinator, Rigoberto García, youth program staff members have held a variety of fun events aimed at increasing participation, building self-esteem among participants, and developing group cohesiveness.

One recent event was a youth concert, where students performed in front of their peers and Step By Step, a band of former Common Hope affiliates, was invited to play. The event attracted over 60 youth, and those that performed were given a certificate to recognize their efforts. In between the students’ performances, Step By Step got the crowd going and told the story of how they got their group started with the support of Common Hope’s youth group program. They also motivated the students to find and develop their own passion for whatever might interest them.

“It was a great way to let kids know about the activities that we have here for youth,” says Rigo, who has recently returned to Common Hope after coordinating our first youth group programs between 2000 and 2005 and then going on to gain valuable experience managing an extensive youth program for another area non-profit. “The event was a success, some kids were brave enough to sing, others helped direct the show, and the band helped motivate the students to participate in our youth programs,” says Rigo.

If the upcoming activities continue to be as fun as the concert, we are confident that students will continue to attend. See below for more photos from the event.

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