A family celebrates twice this graduation season, after two decades of hard work

Mario Rojo Perez

Mario Rojo Pérez, university graduate

November is an exciting month, with the end of the school year and graduation celebrations in Guatemala. For the Rojo Pérez family, who have partnered with Common Hope since the 1990s, this month brings double the excitement. Mario, the oldest son of the family, graduates this year from university with a degree in social work. Carlos, the youngest son, graduates from high school as a mechanic and begins a university scholarship to pursue a degree in law.

Mario’s passion for rural development compelled him to study social work at the university level, and he recognizes the importance of having an advanced degree. “More education will provide you with more possibilities for better work opportunities, and that way you can contribute to the development of your community, your village, even your country,” he says. Mario attributes his success to the support of his parents, his Sponsors, and Common Hope.

Carlos Rojo Pérez, high school graduate, and social worker Paola.

Motivation and a value in education seem to run in the family. Says Carlos, “Graduating high school and going on to college has always been a dream for me.” As he looks forward to starting law school next year, Carlos says he will have the support of his older brother. “[Mario] motivates me, he tells me to work hard and keep studying, and he says that it’s always important to move forward and not backward.” With such great educational achievement, we have no doubt that Mario and Carlos will continue to move forward.

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