“Christmas” in San Rafael

Brianna Jensen, long-term volunteer Vision Team coordinator, visited San Rafael with sponsorship staff to hand out Christmas gifts* to sponsored students. She took a number of photographs that helped capture the touching day.

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Says Brianna, “These are the same kids who asked for beds and sweaters for Christmas a few weeks ago when we went to sign them up. Sometimes it’s hard to be excited about choosing between a car and a puzzle when you’re hungry and cold. But seeing the looks on the kids faces when they picked up their gifts, they definitely were excited. Maybe it made the hunger go away for a little while. Either way, it was an amazing day. (Despite exhausting.)

*Two times a year, students receive special gifts on behalf of their Sponsors. Children get to pick out an article of clothing on their birthday, and for Christmas they get to choose a game, book, soccer ball, or doll in addition to receiving a food basket for their family. Christmas is widely celebrated in Guatemala, even if families also practice their indigenous spiritual traditions. Everyone says “Feliz Navidad,” or “Merry Christmas,” around the holiday.

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