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You may remember Mirna Gabriela from our print newsletter that mailed this March. Below, meet the aspiring office manager, along with a future police officer, fire fighter, and veterinarian who also need Sponsors. If you or someone you know can help make hope real for Mirna, Osma, Mario, or Ana, follow the link under their picture to sponsor them online. Or, call Jessie at 651.917.1045. A gift of $60/month—just $2 per day—will fund their education and also provide access for the whole family to health care, opportunities to earn better housing, and social work support.

Mirna Gabriela, future office manager—Age 8, lives with her family in the mountains of San Felipe. Her home, which has sheet metal walls and a dirt floor, is in poor condition. Mirna studies in the 4th grade and has already surpassed the education of her mother, who only studied through 3rd grade. To achieve her dream of becoming a secretary, Mirna will need to graduate high school. With Common Hope, Mirna will get support for her education, and her family can make improvements to their home. To sponsor Mirna, visit or call Jessie at 651.917.1045.

Osma Josué, aspiring policeman—Age 11, Osma is in the 5th grade. He likes playing soccer, his favorite colors are red and gray, and he hopes to be a policeman when he grows up.  Osma’s family lost their home when tropical storm Agatha hit last May, and now they are squatting in a house made with sheet metal that has a dirt floor.  The family will be working with Common Hope to improve their living conditions. Osma’s mother, a maid, has only a 2nd grade education. His father, a baker, attended school through 6th grade. In order to reach his goal of becoming a police officer, however, Osma will need to complete high school. To sponsor Osma, visit or call Jessie at 651.917.1045.

Mario Denilson, future firefighter—Age 6, Mario is studying in preschool. He likes playing soccer and the color red, and he wants to be a firefighter when he grows up. Mario lives with his single mother and three siblings in a home made of concrete block and roofing steel. His family squats on the land, so they have to borrow water from a neighbor and use an outhouse. All three of the school-age children in Mario’s family are in school, so education is obviously important to his mother. With a 3rd grade education and making a small salary as a maid, she clearly wants a better future for her children. To sponsor Mario, visit or call Jessie at 651.917.1045.

Ana Dolores, aspiring veterinarian—Age 10, Ana is in the 5th grade. She likes playing soccer, her favorite color is yellow, and she wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up. Ana’s family squats on their land in a home with sheet metal walls and roofing and a dirt floor. The family purchases water and electricity from a neighbor, and they raise several ducks. They are focusing their partnership with Common Hope on housing and education. Ana has already surpassed her mother in education by two years—her mother, a stay-at-home mom, was able to study only through 3rd grade. Ana’s father graduated from high school and works as an office assistant, so Ana has a great family precedent to encourage her. Still, the odds are stacked against the education of girls in Guatemala. A sponsor can provide moral support to Ana so she stays in school and pursues her dreams. To sponsor Ana, visit or call Jessie at 651.917.1045.

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