A look back with the González family

Flory, Juan, Papa

Flory with husband Mauro René and son Juan Miguel at his high school graduation in 2010.

Doña Flory González was one of the women interviewed in our recent newsletter, where we celebrated our 25th anniversary and looked back on the early days of Common Hope. Flory spoke about how things have changed over the years: “Now, families don’t have to worry so much about health or housing. They worry more about the education of their children, and it’s because of Common Hope.”

Flory’s family has partnered with Common Hope since the early 1990s. Since then, four of her children have obtained high school degrees, and all four have furthered their studies at the university level. Daughter Vivian will graduate from university this year.

Below, check out a slideshow of the González family, with photos from the past and present. Special thanks to the family and Bill and Barb Oswald, sponsors of Nidya and Vivian González, for sharing the photos with us.

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