Lessons from Guatemala


Greg Scherer

Greg Scherer on a home visit in Guatemala.

Just learned of two great reflections from recent Vision Team members, about their time in Guatemala, posted on the blog of Holy Name church in Wayzata. A few highlights:

One of the most important insights I learned on my first trip to Common Hope was that it wasn’t about missions, it wasn’t about charity.  I learned that the reason we make the effort and extend ourselves is social justice.  —Greg Scherer

I came back from Guatemala a different person than I was before I left.  My eyes and heart were opened, and in a selfish way, I feel like I gained so much more than I was able to give to them.   I would encourage anyone who wants to make a difference, even a small difference, to reach out in whatever way that you can.  —Nancy Norling

Thanks to Greg Scherer and Nancy Norling for your thoughtful words! To read the full reflections, visit the HNOJ blog.

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