Learning through play

by Lesbia Marroquín, San Rafael coordinator

Just about every week in our relationship building with families, it is a great satisfaction to share with them.

San Rafael munecas

The girls used their creativity to make a doll out of items around their house.

Whenever I have the opportunity to interact with the family of Olga, Sylvia, and Cindy, it is rewarding, because they are totally willing to share with me. This time, my goal was to play with Olga, who is in first grade, to provide extra stimulation. During our visits, however, we interact with the whole family, because our goal is stimulation of children in general.

When I entered the house, I saw the little girl Cindy playing with a doll; this caught my attention and I went to see it. The doll was made with the creativity of girls. Her body was a folded blanket, dressed with a piece of traditional fabric, a belt, and a blouse of woven wool. To form the face, it was adorned with a hair clip. You can see in the picture how the girls manage to create their own toys without having to spend money on them.

Silvia, the eldest girl, a third grader, taught me how to play cards the way they do. She was the facilitator of the game and helped us review the numbers and read the images. This relationship building, fostering excitement in the game and creating confidence in the girls, is just the kind of thing we seek in our interventions.

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