Honoring an exemplary mother


Sandra Ortiz, Antigua Programs Director

by Sandra Ortiz, Antigua Programs Director

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On this day between the American and Guatemalan Mother’s Day, I wanted to talk about one of our exemplary affiliated mothers, Doña Ismenia Orbelina. Ismenia is a very brave person who has struggled in life. Yet from the first time I saw her in a Loving Parenting Workshop, she has surprised me. She was always quiet and reserved, but always in the front of the room. Her comments were always like a surprise, like discovering every day what it was to be a mother and how it was to be a loving mother.

Recently, Ismenia was invited by Tamalyn Gutierrez, Country Director, to present to the board in Guatemala about the achievements of the Loving Parenting workshops, from the perspective of an affiliated family—and she really convinced the whole group.

From Loving Parenting, Ismenia has decided to make major changes in her life, including studying to be a nursing assistant, and she is now an intern in our Antigua clinic. She is already a grandmother, despite her young age, having had a baby girl at age 13! But every day I see her coming with a smile and supporting her children and grandchildren without the slightest doubt that she can do very well.

I truly believe that she is a mother who has struggled,who has made mistakes like the rest of us, but who is changing and developing every day. Congratulations to Doña Ismenia, an exemplary woman, mother and worker. We hope that your growth continues; it is just the beginning, and without a doubt, you can go far.

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  1. Becky Stevens May 11, 2011 at 1:30 pm #

    I have had the honor and pleasure of meeting and getting to know Doña Isemnia in the course of several sponsorship visits I have made with her family during trips to Antigua. She is truly one of the most amazing women I have ever met! She is soft-spoken, but very strong. She has overcome some incredible obstacles in her life and I know she has probably struggled but she seems to never waver in her resolve to make life better for herself and her family. When I think I am having a bad day I think of Ismenia – and then I feel inspired to get over myself and continue on with a smile! Thank you Ms. Ortiz for this lovely story about this incredible mother!

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