Monthly check-ins help Don José control his diabetes

by Caroline McGee, Guatemala Communications Liaison

diabetic group_cropped_iii

Don José (back left) with members of his Thursday diabetic group, outside Common Hope's Antigua clinic, where they meet once a month.

Don José, a fieldworker from San Juan del Obispo, is 72 years old and has seven children. Don José discovered that he was a diabetic more than ten years ago, when he started to feel lightheaded and dizzy while working. About a year ago, Don José became part of Common Hope´s diabetes group. Since then, he has come to Common Hope´s clinic once a month to consult with a doctor, make sure his sugar level is controlled, and see if any changes need to be made in his medicine.

“I was really bad before, coming [to the clinic] for my consults, and getting medicine has helped a lot,” he says. Don José also enjoys being able to share with others in his group who are dealing with the same disease. “We talk about everything,” he says. For Don José, who also suffers from high blood pressure, controlling his disease without the help of Common Hope would cost him about half of his monthly income. Thankfully, he is now able to use that money to support his family.

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