Getting to know families in San Miguel Milpas Altas

by Alma Marroquin, San Miguel Milpas Altas Coordinator

Melani shows her drawing

Melani shows Alma her drawing of corn.

During one of our social work home visits, we met this little girl, Melani Yanilet Naomi, who is five years old and studying in kindergarten in the community school.  Her family doesn’t have their own house but instead lives with Melani’s maternal grandmother. Melani’s mother explained that her dream was to have their own home and land, and they were working hard to acquire it.  Melani was doing her homework when we were there, and she commented to us that she was happy to study because when she grows up, she wants to help her mother buy a house and lots of food. Melani explained to us that she was drawing an ear of corn because she loves tortillas.


Melani Yanilet Naomi

If you can sponsor Melani’s education for $2/day, click here.

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