6 moments of change in San Rafael

Girl drawing

Drawing activity at San Rafael.

Lisa Hetzel, Guatemala HR Director, shared with staff the following reflection and photos after a recent visit to the community of San Rafael.

I wanted to thank everyone for the beautiful visit I had this week in San Rafael. It is so admirable, the work you all do, and the energy you maintain even when faced with adversity (and lots of sun!). I wanted to share some of the moments that have stayed with me:

• The spirit with which Mirna encouraged a mother of 15-day-old twins to continue breastfeeding, even though it is a bit more complicated with twins.
• The persistence of Brenda as she encouraged a mother to improve the hygiene in her home for the well-being of her daughter.
• The enthusiasm of Ligia when facilitating the Octopus activity with the children’s group, ensuring that the children fully understood the structure and rules of the game.
• The patience of Marvin during a free drawing activity with the children, coming to hear their explanations.
• The joy we all share with Lesbia to see the results of Doña Ana Cristina, next to receive a house, planning for her future and interested in continuing with her studies!
• The progress in the organization and delivery of snacks, achieved by the mothers who work in the school kitchen.

Thanks again––the visit showed me how much things are changing gradually in the community.

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One Response to 6 moments of change in San Rafael

  1. Beyra Giron June 16, 2011 at 12:05 pm #

    Hola buen día
    me da mucho gusto volver haber esas caritas de alegria que transmiten los niños de San Rafael, yo hice un voluntariado en la Fundación y trabaje con Rocio y fue una experiencia muy bonita espero algun dia regresar a trabajar con ustedes

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