The magic bag

Luis and the magic bag

Luis pulls an imaginary item out of the "magic bag."

Lesbia, San Rafael program coordinator, told a great story about a recent Wednesday afternoon group activity. The students and education promoters have an activity they call “the magic bag,” where kids pull imaginary items out of the bag and describe them (what color is it, what does it feel like, is it big or small, etc.).

Luis, a very bright first grader, pulled an imaginary soccer ball out of the bag and after he described it, he “kicked” it at Marvin, one of the education promoters.  Luis described how he didn’t have good aim and the ball hit Marvin in the eye.

Luis and Marvin

Marvin reacts to being "hit" by the soccer ball.

At which point, Marvin started pretending that he had really been hit in the eye with the ball.  Lots of laughter all around, although Luis did make sure to apologize to Marvin for hitting him.

Lesbia says that the kids are really starting to blossom in the group, becoming more open with the teachers, and smiling and laughing more.


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