Renovations enhance reading and youth programs

New library entrance
The new entrance to our library at our Antigua site.

Renovations are underway at the Antigua site to enhance our reading and youth programs. The improvements will raise the prominence of the library and will create more space for children and families to spend time in a safe, peaceful environment.

A culture of reading
The biggest change will be a more prominent entrance and patio for the library, to encourage families to utilize the library more and create more space to sit and enjoy a good book.

An inspiration to students We are also building a new brick walkway, which will wind its way to the library and recreation area. The bricks will be engraved with the names of high school graduates,as a way to honor their achievement and inspire all those still working toward graduation.

Lessons in leadership
Next year, we hope to secure funds for a new playground and multipurpose recreation area for our youth programs, so that they are better able to facilitate the development
of leadership skills, team work, and socialization.

Finishing touches of the new entrance and walkway will be completed in September, at which time construction of the surrounding gardens will begin. All renovations will be completed in time for our high school graduation celebration, which will occur in mid-November.

To see more pictures of the construction, click here.

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