The best-loved books in our library

Eduardo and Sister

Eduardo loves books about princesses; he enjoys them with his sister at the library.

by Mariah Quinn Duffy, library volunteer

Books relating to soccer and princesses are among the best-loved books in our library’s collection. So when a recent donation of books included several biographies of famous soccer players and a set of Disney fairytales, the library’s regular visitors were thrilled.

To celebrate the arrival of the new books, we planned a small activity. For the younger kids, the activity included a maze—in the shape of a soccer ball or a princess’ skirt—and a chance to practice counting and sequencing with cleats or tiaras. The older kids worked on the skill of writing in their own words, providing definitions for words like referee and dragon. Finally, we encouraged kids to read a book about their favorite soccer player or princess, and then asked that they share a bit about what they had learned.

Eduardo, age four, provided one of the least expected and most precious responses. With the help of his older sister Maria Fernanda, Eduardo described his favorite princess as curly-haired and wearing a brown dress. Eduardo explained that what he likes best about this princess is that she is hard-working. While the typical princess resides in a far-off castle with her prince charming, Eduardo’s favorite princess lives right in his home and loves her children very much. Eduardo’s favorite princess is his mother.

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  1. Mick November 26, 2011 at 8:08 am #

    Sweet! Eduardo recognizes what and who is real in his life. The mazes are cleverly placed, connecting to the topics that the children most enjoy.

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