Anabella, children’s group enthusiast


Anabella is holding the red balloon.

by Lesbia Marroquin, San Rafael coordinator

Anabella, age 8, participates in the children’s group in San Rafael, run by our social workers. She is a very consistent participant with her older brother Rodolfo.

A few months ago, her older brother had a visit with his sponsors, and when they asked about the typical food they eat, Rodolfo said, “Anabella is responsible for warming the tortillas and making meals.” This is part of the responsibilities that our girls in San Rafael take care of, despite their young age.

One of the benefits of the children’s group is that it allows us to work with children on cooperation, integration into the school environment, and reinforcement of the rules. We work to create a space for children to act their age and learn important skills for their future.

When Anabella first began attending the group, she appeared sad and would not interact with others. Now after participating in the group and engaging in the activities, she smiles and talks more often. Each time she attends, she brings a lot of energy.

Anabella’s family is very close. Her mother and father are strong believers in educating their children. I was their social worker (before becoming San Rafael coordinator) and each time I visited, Mrs. Marcelina would participate in the educational games I brought for her children.

One time, one of the girls guided Mrs. Marcelina during a game, and she said this was why she wanted her daughters to continue in school, so that they wouldn’t have the barrier she had, not being able to read.  She has always motivated her children to continue attending school.

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