José Luis: Now a big fan of vacation school

Jose Luis at vacation school

José Luis is wearing the orange shirt.

by Lesbia Marroquin, Coordinator of San Rafael

Since the beginning of the year, it has been very difficult to keep José Luis in school. I wrote about him previously and the work that Mirna, his family’s social worker, has persisted with during home visits.

One of the most important aspects of our social work approach is motivating children and families to stay in school. It is a lengthy process to encourage children to attend every day and be consistent. Sometimes, children suddenly disappear and again we motivate and encourage them about the priority of education. Such was the case of José Luis. Now, it is very gratifying to see him attending vacation school and participating enthusiastically in activities.

The photo of him speak volumes, while the words are only a small sketch. All our children are so special—they give us the energy we need every day to give our heart in every action we take.

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