Best Buy volunteers raise funds at art fair

Common Hope was very fortunate to be chosen as a beneficiary of the Best Buy employee art fair this holiday season. This is only the second time in 15 years that a charity besides the Best Buy Children’s Foundation was chosen.

Education that paid off in overwhelming support
The Best Buy volunteers did a great job of raising awareness about Common Hope during the silent auction period, creating informational materials to display at the sale, playing a video about Common Hope, and staffing a table to speak personally about Common Hope’s work.

Their education paid off — an overwhelming percentage of winning bids went to Common Hope. Not only that, the fair had a record number of pieces this year and an all-time high
return. Says Best Buy team member Jodi Hoffman, “I really attribute the success to the level of engagement of the Vision Teams, from planning to execution.”

Thanks to the Best Buy leadership
The team’s work would not be possible without the support of Best Buy’s leadership. Says Jodi, “The team is grateful that Best Buy has given us the opportunity to participate and to travel. My leadership has graciously supported our efforts and will continue to as we travel.”

A chance to stretch themselves, share their passion
When asked what Best Buy’s involvement with Common Hope brings, Jodi says, “We have all stretched ourselves beyond our normal capabilities and achieved things that we weren’t sure we could. Each of my team members created a piece of art for the auction and many of us never considered ourselves artists or even creative. We have a passion for Common Hope’s work and are not shy about sharing that in our individual ways.”

Follow the Best Buy teams
Two Vision Teams from Best Buy will travel to Guatemala this year. The first will be in Guatemala from February 4-11, the second from March 24-31. To follow their trips, visit the Vision Team photo diary throughout those weeks.

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