Our re(solution) for the new year

A NEW RE(SOLUTION)We look forward to some exciting plans for 2012. Our biggest resolution: expand our school partner initiative into two new schools, bringing our total partner schools to six. One school is the afternoon program in San Miguel Escobar, where we already partner with the morning school. The second school is in San Cristobal el Bajo, a community where we have many sponsored students but where we will be introducing our education promoters for the first time.

San Miguel Escobar Vespertina
Like the morning school in San Miguel Escobar, the afternoon school has a very large student body — 600 students — that will benefit greatly from the extra classroom support. By partnering with a second school in this community, we will be able to share and leverage staff, resources, and facilities, including the homework center space that we have already rented for the morning school.

San Cristobal el Bajo
San Cristobal is a small village that is close to our Antigua family development center. The community still has great need — many more children and families could use the support of Common Hope. The school is very eager to partner with us, and they have a long-standing principal who is a strong leader and will be a great facilitator of the education promoters’ efforts in the school.

Hitting the ground running
This month, our education promoters have a full to-do list to lay the groundwork for the new school year. All schools will be in session by the end of January. One item on the to-do list is to review the school’s strategic plans with the faculty and staff to re-energize them around their goals for the year. Another task for the promoters is to share the results of last year’s standardized tests, so schools have a clear sense of how students did in 2011 and to provide a gauge for their work in 2012.

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