One very exuberant reader

Jessie Szopinski, sponsorship coordinator in the St. Paul office, is spending six months working from Guatemala. All of us back home are living a bit vicariously through her. She sent the following dispatch today, from her visit to San Miguel.  

San Rafael boy readingI went with Aracely to take photos of kids that had birthdays this month and also made sure they wrote to their sponsors. It was great to be there!

This young boy came with his family because one of his siblings needed a photo taken. While his mom was helping write the letter with the child, Aracely started reading a book to the kids. This boy was sitting on a separate bench just staring at us reading the book. I asked if he wanted to join us and he was so excited—he insisted that he read the book to us. He even pointed out all of the animals in the book and soaked in the story as he read. I think if we let him, he would have read to us the whole afternoon!

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