First in San Rafael to go to high school

Luis CanelLuis Angel Canel is a very dedicated young man — both to his studies and to supporting his family with farming. Luis is also a pioneer. The oldest of six siblings, this year he became the first affiliate in San Rafael to attend high school. He is studying automotive mechanics in nearby Sumpango, about twenty minutes away. Classes start bright and early at 7:30 a.m., which means a very early morning to catch a bus and get to school on time.

Luis studied in junior high at the San Rafael tele-secondary school, where kids learn remotely from a teacher in another town. At school he has always demonstrated respect and a collaborative spirit. This past year, Luis’s father approached social worker Mirna to express his desire that Luis continue his studies. “It is a great goal for the family, as it is for Common Hope,” says Lesbia Marroquin, San Rafael coordinator. “It is an experience completely different than what they know,” explains Lesbia, “to leave the community to attend school, a great change for any young person.”

Luis’s family is clearly very committed to education; while even junior high is still uncommon in San Rafael, Luis’s sister and brother currently attend the tele-secondary school. “We have much faith in everyone in this family, that they can follow the path Luis Angel is modeling,” says Lesbia. Luis’s youngest sibling has just started following in his footsteps — she entered preschool this year.

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