Young philanthropists at Good Shepherd School

by Louise LeGrand, Donor Relations Manager

We’re so proud of the elementary students at Good Shepherd School in Golden Valley. They just kicked off their annual penny challenge to raise funds for Common Hope. I had a blast with the 330 students who take Michelle Stockinger’s Spanish classes. The kids were intuitive, inquisitive, and energetic to get their penny jars full.

It was amazing to find out that the school has been doing this penny drive every year since 1998, raising as much as $4,000 at a time. The penny challenge is a kind of competition for the students, but Mrs. Stockinger and the class have discussed that really everyone wins—because the goal is to help kids in Guatemala. Kindergartener Eddie Wolfe replied with the best reason of all for participating: “Love.”

Thanks, Good Shepherd School, for loving Guatemala! It is the combined effort of Mrs. Stockinger along with the staff, children, and families of Good Shepherd that make this event such a success every year. Thanks as well to Maureen Fischer and Mark Foresman for joining the Common Hope presentations at the school.

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