A how-to by artists in our youth group

The Antigua youth group had a display up last week of crafts they’ve made out of foam. Erin Treinen, Grants & Publications Officer, had them walk her through the process of making a foam flower and took pictures of each step.

Here are the steps, if you’d like to try at home:

1. Heat the foam on a hot plate being careful not to burn the material or your hands.

2. Stretch the foam over a mold and press down for 10 seconds.

3. Wait for foam to cool down.

4. Cut out the shape.

5. Pick a scrap piece of foam that is a different color than your flower and cut little tiny pieces for the center of the flower.

6. Put hot glue in the middle of your flower and stick in the center pieces.

7. Wrap and glue a kebab stick with green paper to make the stem.

8. Glue stem to flower.

Jose Luis, age 12, walked Erin through each step and explained it all to her. He is the boy in the last picture with the flower. Also included are pictures of other crafts they have made in previous craft sessions.


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  1. Kuzkina August 12, 2013 at 9:47 pm #

    01 Aug 01, 2010 13:52 I also have one rose bush. When we moved in, there were three, but I am down to one. It is hanging on with all its stgetrnh. I love the way you pictured this one. Just lovely.

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