Thanks and farewell to Mariah and Sean

Sean and Mariah

Today the Guatemala staff is having a going-away party for Sean Duffy and Mariah Quinn Duffy, two very valuable volunteers who are finishing up a year of service with Common Hope. In a short time, they will be headed back to the United States to embark on new challenges. Sean Duffy has been an active staff member of the clinic, helping create the Healthy Child program. Mariah Quinn Duffy has also been a pioneer, collaborating with Jacqueline Figueroa to create the Early Exposure to Reading program in addition to her work in the preschool at the Antigua site. We are very grateful to both for having shared their talents, passion, and time with Common Hope!

Following is a message to Mariah and Sean from Domingo, a social worker that has been with Common Hope since the early days. He describes well Common Hope’s gratitude for the service of Mariah and Sea

Dear Sean y Mariah Quinn,

It has been a great pleasure to have shared moments working with you. I have talked with my families about the volunteer work you have done, because I realize that volunteering is not easy–to leave your country, your family, and your friends, to share with the affiliated families. I know that they have learned from the tenacity and passion that you have brought to your work with  every affiliate and that they will model these things at some point in their own lives. Thank you with all my heart to have shared conversation, smiles, and words of support. May God bless you–and may the land of the quetzal, the marimba, the tun and the chirimía* give you a fraternal embrace.



* The tun and the chirimía are traditional Guatemala instruments. The tun is a kind of drum and the chirimía is a type of flute.

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