Special guests visit New Hope School

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Eleven team members from Target-Guatemala visited New Hope School on June 1. While Target has visited our Family Development Center in Antigua a number of times, this was their first visit to New Hope, where Target has funded a grant for early childhood education since 2008. The team led a special environmental activity with students, in addition to touring the school and getting to know the faculty, staff, and students. They brought along recycling bins they donated to the school and gave a short educational talk on separating trash. Then, they led an arts and crafts activity with recycled material, making bunny-shaped pencil holders out of reused plastic bottles.

Marleny Ponce, Target team member and organizer of the visit, says the group decided to focus on recycling because Target has a strong commitment to sustainability, and they noticed on a previous visit to Common Hope in Antigua that there was a need for recycling bins.

New Hope School was very excited to receive our special guests from Target. When the group  arrived, New Hope teachers and Mynor Lemus, school director, gave a special welcome in front of a school assembly. Then students on the New Hope soccer team, who were participating in a tournament later that day, presented a short skit on respect, acting out how not to play soccer—no pushing, no fouling other teammates. Next the New Hope cheerleaders presented a message about respect. Mynor Lemus then led the group on a tour of the school. They visited all classrooms, and Mynor explained the history of New Hope, the methodology and vision of the school, and Common Hope’s work in the community.

Marleny Ponce of Target says it was great to see the school first-hand. “Going on the tour around the school, we felt very proud of working for Target,” she says. “We were impressed by the good condition of the school, and it was nice to see that Target contributed to these achievements.” Perhaps the most memorable part of the group’s visit was their time with the students. “These kids are wonderful,” says Marleny. “It is like living in another world. We cannot wait to go back and visit them again!”

We look forward to another visit from Target and feel very grateful to be beneficiaries of Target’s generous philanthropic tradition since 2008. Through its Community Outreach, Target gives 5% of its annual income to community projects. Many thanks to Target for supporting quality education in Guatemala!

Our 2012 grant from Target was a United Way Worldwide grant on behalf of the generosity of Target.

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  1. Amy Tronson June 25, 2012 at 3:33 pm #

    Thank you Target teammates!!! I worked for Target DC for almost 9 years and I just volunteered in Antigua, Guatemala in 2011 for a week. I had so much fun with the kids there. It was a really eye opening experience for me and I would like to go back there to volunteer. You can send me a message next time you are volunteering there and I will see if I can come too!

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