Jessie’s top 10 list of Guatemala

Jessie and a new friend in San Miguel Milpas Altas.

Jessie Szopinski
, sponsorship coordinator from the St. Paul office, spent the last six months working in Guatemala. Not only has she experienced Guatemalan culture first-hand and practiced Spanish, Jessie has also been able to understand her job better by working with the Guatemalan sponsorship team and meeting sponsors on Vision Teams. Jessie returned to Minnesota this week but brings so much of Guatemala back with her.

Top 10 list of things I learned in Guatemala, by Jessie Szopinski:

1.  There are many layers to poverty that makes life for families more complicated than I will ever understand.
2.  Waiting is a common occurrence and now patience is too.
3.  You never know what or how many people you will see on a motorcycle.
4.  Social workers have incredibly hard jobs.
5.  I loved having a window to see the families that come to the project each day and how the little kids entertain themselves while waiting.
6.  The smile of kids when they get to pick out a pair of shoes for their birthday is simply heartwarming.
7.  Meeting sponsors face to face, talking with Vision Team members, and meeting great volunteers was one of my favorite parts of being in Guatemala!
8.  Soccer is a pretty awesome sport.
9.  There can never be too much picante.
10.  I have never appreciated education as much as I have with being in Guatemala and seeing the difference it really makes!

Thanks for sharing, Jessie! We’ll miss seeing your smiling face around the office and hope you’ll be back to Guatemala soon.

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